Service Fees

Last Updated: 4.29.2021

Kinnship deducts fees from the list price of each transaction in exchange for Vendors' use of the Kinnship Platform. This fee helps support the growth of your business through: providing an e-commerce storefront for services, connecting you with local customers, distributing and maintaining a gift card system on your behalf, and acting as a liaison during the period between purchase and use.

Kinnship Fee = 12.0% of List Price for each transaction.
Transaction Fee = 3.0% of List Price for each transaction.
There is no fixed fee to post a Listing.

Vendors may also be charged an Account Maintenance Fee of $5.00 per month, payable on the first day of each month in which they maintain an active account. Vendors may suspend or terminate their account at any time, provided they give at least 30 days’ notice by emailing us at